Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008's Resolution

I'm going to keep updating this. We (ahem, I) know how difficult it is to stick to the plan. But, here's my attempt so far :
  1. Be Active again
I've been such a huge sac of potatoes in the last half of 2007. No more this year I hope.
Update on this one : 2-hour swimming in the past 2 weeks. Total.

2. Save money
  • to pay off debt
  • for Kasih's elementary school registration next year
  • my emergency saving (all the advisors said I need to build a next worth of 6 month needs)
Update : Zara jacket, MAC Paint pot moss scape, faux lipstick and prrrr lipglass

3. Slim down

Target : 5 kilos & Carbo diet. How HARD is that?

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