Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things I would Say to My Younger Self

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I just read the post in and the topic got me thinking. What would I say knowing what I know now to my younger self if I could turn back the time?

  1. Choose a subject that you absolutely love and stick to it, no matter what other people (your parents) tell you.
  2. Don't let boyfriends stop you from reaching high.
  3. Do things that make you happy first, then if those make other people happy, too, that's good. If not, well, you just can't make everybody happy.
  4. Leave your credit card at home.
  5. Apply and get a scholarship.
  6. Really get in the habit of exercising and lift weights to improve the look of your hands. Believe me, the dangly bits attached to your underarm are staying forever if you don't.
  7. OMG! You could gain 20 kilos when pregnant and those kilos don't shed off easily. Ease off on the sodas and the yummy-calorie packed goodies.
  8. Married young! Oh I know, 28 was not that late; but really, kids take loads of energy. Work and kids are not an easy combo to manage.
  9. Save save save.

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