Monday, March 3, 2008

What's Your Poison?

My latest drink addiction is Coca Cola Zero. It's a bit confusing really what's the difference between CC Zero (which has Zero sugar, hence the name, Zero), and Diet Coke, my previous drinkie. I haven't really compared the taste because a) I'm lazy like that, b) why having 2 open cans at the same time. However, after opening CC Zero site, I found out that both has similar attributes, except Zero claims that it taste similar to regular Coke. Its target market is young men because men usually don't appreciate the word Diet on their drinks or meals.

My take? After sipping my supply in the office fridge, I noticed that Zero doesn't have a bitter after-taste. Its flavor is a bit thicker than Diet, which for me tends to taste watery, so Zero wins in in this. It's a tad more expensive at Rp. 3,450 vs Diet at Rp 3,000 at Carrefour, thought. Will I repurchase. Well, since the launch in February, I've bought 3 cans, 3 500-ml bottles. Bye-bye Diet Coke.

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