Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FOTD - Star Violet

I just realized today that I don't have many eye shadows, especially from MAC. However, the few that I have, are the ones that I get to use often. Talk about effective buys!

Today, I decided to use Star Violet, a veluxe pearl purple pink red shade. Very pretty!

  1. Apply Layin'Low p/p all over lid
  2. Apply Star Violet on top of the paint pot
  3. Use Satin Taupe for outer 1/3 of lid and crease, blend
  4. Dot black shadow ( from Elizabeth Arden palette) and blend
  5. Do my face routine
  6. Use Body Shop blush using #182
  7. Syrup listick and prrrr ligglass

The eye colors turn into a nice purplish pink. It makes my wide set eyes look a bit closer together. I also use Cash Flow p/p to line inner eyes down to half of the lower eyes.

Oooo I feel purrdyyy despite sucky pictures.