Friday, May 2, 2008

In Search of Nude Lipstick

For years I have been joining the search for perfect nude lipstick for my dual-colored lips. Searching high and low for the holy grail of the nude is not easy. Whenever I saw a perfect nude on someone else's lips, I'd immediately either a) buy the lipstick or b) swatch it at the counter. Needless to say, I used to end up purchasing nude lipsticks that I wore only once or four times the most.

3N lipstick from the N-collection is another such futile search. After so many failures in getting my holy grail, I usually turned my nose up at another neutral/nude lipstick. But, after looking at the pictures of women wearing 3N, reading all the raves about 3N, I couldn't help feeling the pull of the 3N magnet. It's calling my name!

And there went my resistance. I purchased 3N.

From the pictures, it's clear that this is not meant to be. My lips looked like ones belonging to the cast of "The Dead" or "Tali Pocong Perawan".

Worst still, it's exactly the slightly paler version of my own lips.

But was a Rp 169,000 lipstick!

I tried to dress it up with Red Romp Lipglass.

This looks kinda pretty. But it's NOT nude.

hrrmmggrrrr...the search continues...

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Vanessa said...

Thanks Pia for your kind words, it is so hard to lose a pet, and I am glad you know where I am coming from!

Have a wonderful weekend!