Monday, August 25, 2008

Lipstick Love

I originally wanted to sell Vivacious because pinkish purplish are always hard to work on my skin tone. It's probably just me, but I looked like d-rated tranny when I had that kind of color on my lips. So, before throwing it off to a market, I wanted to see if it still would work for me. See how persistent I could be when it comes to lipstick? I wish I had the strength when it comes to my bank account. Over the weekend, I managed to buy MAC blush Coygirl, MAC MSF Sonic Chic Gleeful and a Stila lip glaze, ordered LashBlast Very Black waterproof, 2 EM brushes.

Come next month, I'm so dead.

But here's my new lippie experiment :

Very pretty, yah! Might resist selling Vivacious.

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