Sunday, October 5, 2008

EID Celebration - Oct. 1

Sorry for such random postings, as I said before, there were tons of photos I would upload that was taken during the holiday.

Early at 5 a.m on October 1st, I woke up the kids to get them ready for the morning prayer. We went to Arcici Sport Field since Uda thought that place was quite nice. I disagreed. The rows weren't managed well, so when everyone stood up, instead of having tidy rows we had crooked lines. It was a bit disorganized. Not to mention the lady in front of me, who carried a baby, suddenly got out of her praying mat and just moved to the end of the line, causing other women to scrambles hurriedly to fill her spot. In Islam, when we pray together, it's important that there's no blank space in between prayers as it's thought it would be filled with the devils.

I had my period so I just sat amongst the prayers, next to my lovely 5-year-old Kasih. She looked like an angel in her pink outfit.

The night before, at my dad's house, we all went out and had a firework party. It's something that the authority frowned upon and there were actually a fine if you're caught doing this, but Eid festival without fireworks were no fun! Besides, it's an event that they're going to remember till they're old.

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