Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FOTD - 11 November 2008

Aghhh...I need to be on a diet! I have a 20-year reunion with my AFS pals coming up on November 28, and I need (must must) look a tad slimmer than I am now.

But alas. My day started out with a slice of bread thickly layered with peanut butter and hazelnut jam, a cup of cappuccino and two sunny-side eggs for brunch. I didn't plan on having lunch, but I have a box of Cheddar Shapes on my desk which at the time of writing was a quarter full. A guest came in with a huge glass of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino and prior to that glass of goodness knocked on the door, I was having a fried instant noodle topped with an egg. And after a peek of what my in-law was eating, I decided that I wanted to have a bowl of pempek from the street vendor in front of the office.

I'm stuffed and I have 15 days to redeem myself.

But that aside, here's my face. I'm trying to use my pigment again so it's the golden olive time to get some lovin' this morning. I used loads of MAC Light Flush on cheeks but to my surprise it didn't show much on the picture.

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