Thursday, December 4, 2008

FOTD - December Twilight

I'm quite pleased with the result of my quick work this morning. I used Sharkskin shadestick, Golden Olive pigment and Bio Green eye shadow, then use Satin Taupe on crease and Ricepaper for highlight. Then finished the look lining my eyes with Emerald Green pigment (beautiful color!) and Lash Blast.

For cheeks, I pat Nars Orgasm on thick then layered it with MAC Hipness. I put on Chanel Jaipur Coral lipstick and MAC Tartlette lipglass. Then off to face the world!


I played hookie in the afternoon, taking off during lunch hour to SMS Mall in Serpong to see Twilight. I absolutely adore the series, although Breaking Dawn did nothing much to me. It's pretty bland but one just have to keep on reading when one is following a series, right?

So here's my take on the movie. It's ummmm ahhhh....ummmmm...'s not worth watching it at the movie unless you have a craving for movie's popcorn and soda. I already kinda anticipated that the movie would hardly ever be as good as the book, because it's just too hard to capture the emotion and the nuance in that thick novel. However, to me, both the actors who played Edward Cullen and Bella Swan failed to capture the internal struggle and the intensity of the couple. I wish there's more drama between the two before they actually confess their eternal love for each other. As it happens, the movie doesn't show that part much. Why not? *cries* I just reread the first few chapters of "Twilight" and I'm still hooked on all the conversation between the two. And seriously, Edward doesn't do much snarling at the beginning and thank goodness for that because he's not much good at it.

Despite my reservation, I still went anyway, my curiosity of seeing Edward, Bella and Jacob still got the better of me and oh, the makeup. I kept wondering how the makeup artist will create Edward. And oh boy. That's my second disappointment. Terrible makeup! I could actually see the line between the face and the neck. Vampire isn't supposed to have cheek color, not even when it's supposed to be bloody cold. In my opinion, Christine Stewart will be a great candidate for a vampire because she's so pale, but Edward? He looks bloody human to me. However, he does have an amazing smile! If I were a teenager, I'd probably scream out loud whenever he flashes a smile. Unfortunately he doesn't do it much in the movie, although in the novel he's kinda a giggler.

How about the rest of the Cullen Family? I'd say Emmet, Alice, and the Doctor are the ones that stood out in terms of their ability to make the novel characters alive. Jasper's character looks real weak, and his snarl isn't totally convincing, especially compared to the way he's portray in the novel and where he's supposed to be coming from. Once you see him snarl in the movie, you've seen all of them. Unfortunately, you've seen one failed curled lips too many.

So who's my favorite vampire in the movie? Well, Laurent, of course. He is smooth, with a body to die for, awesome dreadlocks, and he speaks like what I imagine a vampire would. Except yeah...he's black.

My money is still for Jacob Black, though. He was exactly what I pictured Jacob would look like, and oh boy, is he a real looker except for the wig. The hair stylist should have paid attention more to the placement because it looks real fake on the screen. But once Jacob puts on his hat, oh my, totally drool worthy. His is the one that I don't expect to like.

All in all though, if you read the novel and would like to see the characters come alive, go! Just check your big expectation at the door, first.

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