Monday, December 1, 2008

Seeing 3-s

I have to kick myself on the butt for having 3 (almost) identical cheek colors. Seriously, I have a problem finishing up one blush, let alone having 2 similar ones to hit pan.

Some might say Nars Orgasm is peachy pink, but side-by-side comparison with Rimmel Apricot showed very little difference. Rimmel Apricot might look a tad red, but on the cheeks, it look similar with Nars and TBS. Formula wise, TBS and Rimmel blushes are more powdery so you need to be careful that you don't put on too much while with Nars the effect is a bit different. You can put on loads but since the blush is finely milled there's not much chance that you'd look all clownish.

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Rishka said...

mba kalo Rimmel-nya mau dilepas kasih tau ya :D

oh iya, salam kenal dulu..