Sunday, January 11, 2009

Agenda 2009 - Elle Magazine

This new year, I gave up and bought 2 women magazines, something I've almost never done in the past years, unless the magazines were a year old. I read quite fast and I hated to spend money on something I could browse through and finish looking in 1 hour flat.

Last weekend, I bought EVE Indonesian version and I was happy to say that it would be my last buy of the magazine. The content was boring, nothing to ponder at and the fashion and beauty pages were nothing to talk about. I finished the magazine in less that 30 minutes. When even the feature articles didn't strike your fancy, why bother, right?

Today, I bought Elle Magazine, Indonesian version as well. Honestly, I didn't buy the magazine, I got the magazine because I absolutely must have the agenda 2009. It was a hard bound agenda, and it pictures 24 vintage Elle magazine covers on the outside. Very pretty and lemming worthy. I was terribly surprise to like the inside pages as well, it's not over the top, very stylish paper and totally something I'd unashamedly whip out during formal meetings.

I'd go over the magazine later and post my takes on the inside. May this one doesn't disappoint.

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