Thursday, January 22, 2009

FOTD 21 January 2009

I like orange, the color not the fruit because it complement my complexion and brightens my face. Orange is my go to color on gloomy days when I feel cheerful enough to greet the world. In addition to my old treasure MAC Electro, I have since discovered new orange lipstick Clinique High Impact in Orange Burst. I have love and have relationship with this brand, all started when the beautiful silver tube turned black ugly after a couple of weeks. Next, the 3-step skin care that didn't work on my oily skin. The turnaround cream that didn't do anything even after my second jar. But then, I love its single eye shadow; it lasts forever, the glosswear, not sticky enough, and the eye kohl, waterproof with a smudger on one end of the pencil. But, after reading Karla Sugar's post on High Impact lipstick, I decided to use my Debenhams gift card from Devita and got me one. 

Here I used my MAC Nuance, Sharkskin shadestick, Groundwork paint pot, Satin Taupe shadow, L'oreal Hip Duo Platinum and Revlon Espresso Yourself eye shadows. To make my lips brighter, I use the gloss part of Red Flame pro lustrewear. 
I'm ready to set the world on fire!

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Heather said...

That is such a beautiful look on you!