Thursday, March 5, 2009

Attack of the Jollieness & FOTD - March 6, 2009

Last Wednesday after picking up my kids, I stopped by at Prema Salon. It's brow-threading time! I'd been having difficulty drawing my eye brows and realized that I needed to take action stat!

Well, I asked Acu to take care of me and apparently made a mistake asking for a slight arch. As a result, I ended up looking consistently surprised until my next threading schedule. Yes, they look pretty clean and shapely, but, I still couldn't pull off being a Jollie gal with my thin lips and plumpy cheeks. *le sigh*
Anyway, Acu does help drawing shading my brows easier and my face looks a tad slimmer what with my arches, but I'm staring at a face which is quite alien to me.

See for yourself!

Anyway, this morning was a hurried day as usual, except I was woken up by this weird dream of me not delivering Hanif's share of lunch sharing on time. I started the day cooking up a storm aka heating up sambel goreng hati. Luckily the meal didn't go bad eventhough I forgot to put it on the fridge last night. Hence the dream, I figured.

Putting on a morning face was not going as smoothly as I wanted since MAC Deep Truth was a blitch to blend. Perhaps POND's eye cream made my lids too oily, but even after I smoothed Groundwork paint pot and NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean, deep truth still acted like a kid who insisted to stay at the toy store and no amount of dragging would make him step out. When such case happened, I just use my finger to blend.

As always, blush and lipstick came to the rescue when I had a bad eye look. The day is saved today by Nars Orgasm, a concoction of MAC Syrup, Revlon Ginger Rose & Estee Lauder Pure Gloss in Plum Nectar.

And voila!

But at least I look pretty decent.

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