Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hijab Style - The Dubai way

Before the current "hat-bandana", I wore a piece of cloth underneath my scarf. However, my personal stylist aka mom always insisted I looked fugly in it. She kept looking and even had some headscarf with lining. Instead of making me pretty, I looked like I had a big head what with that thick bandana.

These days, I'm really in love with the this particular head gear. What's interesting was that it has a soft bun lined inside the set so when I put it on, it seems like I have this nice bun on top of my head. Thus, shaping the head nicely underneath the hijab.

I planned to post the pictures, but for some reasons the files are missing, so I'd just post my face with the Dubai style. By Dubai style here was using a flat headgear and my usual slip-on jilbab.

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Ildergreien said...

You must wear more turiquis, Pia. A truly exciting colour om you.

SS from Temptalia