Thursday, May 21, 2009

Party Face

I haven't posted for ages cos I left my camera at my parents' and I have been lazy to pick it up. May is slacker month, people!
Anyway, I went with my mom to a relative's wedding and that's the face I went with. I looked happy because I was full. So excuse the goofy smile.

I hope the blue in my eye look is pretty visible. I got to wear MAC blue peep fluidline again after half a year hiatus. I use it as lines for the whole eyes cos I just wanted to show a tad of support for Adam Lambest. Americans, are you blind AND deaf??

I'm using all sort of yellow and gold and blue in my eye tonight. Cheeks were decorated with Enough Said MAC
and Orgasm Nars. And I had on my new favorite lip combo, Gladiola lipstick and Pink Manish lipgloss, both were MAC LE's, Dame Edna and Manish Aurora, respectively.

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