Friday, September 4, 2009

Noor Kajal

Being always on the lookout for a truly black eyeliner, I got attracted by an Arabian booth selling stuff from Saudi Arabia. In addition to getting 2 lace shawls which the seller said just arrived from Dubai, but upon inspection later on were made in China (shocked), I got new kajal liner.

The kajal is really really soft, no tugging at all which is a real big plus. It applied to the lower liner like a dream and the best part was it was BLACK! Yeehaw! Now I need to swatch this next to my HG mother of smudger, Feline, but that's another mi
ssion for tomorrow.

Eye swatch :

Well, after doing some late cooking, I went upstairs to freshen up. And.. (Drum rolls) who's that pretty racoon staring back at me. However, to Noor Kajal defense, my lower water line were still looked real black.

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