Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FOTD - Urban Decay Gunmetal Feat. NYX Black n PAC highlight

Dear Beauty Goddess,

I have a confession to make. It's been exactly 36 days since I last blogged. Since then I bought an Urban Decay Naked Palette and a new MAC Mehr lipstick eventhough I posted in my last post that I was NOT supposed to buy a new lipstick. *bows in shame*

Regardless, can we still take a moment of silence for the splendor of Urban Decay Naked Palette?

A total beauty, right?

The palette consists of 12 colors of supposedly neutral colors, but they are far from boring. I guess, that's why it's called Naked because seriously, when you're pretty and awesome, your being naked is always a good thing.

The colors are incredible and it takes just one application to make it comes out, unlike some other lesser brands. This is awesome because it means the palette would last forever. I could hand it down to my daughter as a keepsake, and she in turn will give it away to her granddaughter. Imagine a palette that lasts for generations, provided I didn't ruin it next year of course, and mind you this is not impossible knowing how clutzy I am.

Look what I've come up with for my today's look.
For this look I used Gunmetal, a bluish grey color (the 2nd color from the right); NYX Black to define the crease and PAC highlighter from PAC Palette #2 and MAC blacktrack to line. As a base, a must for my oily lids, I use the mini UDPP that also come with the palette.
Last but not least, the face shots; using MAC Stark Naked blush, Body Shop beige lipliner and L'Oreal Aishwarya's Beige.
Pretty good, ye?

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