Monday, June 6, 2011

OCC Lip Tar swatches

I've been wanting to test out the OCC Lip Tar for ages, unfortunately these tars are not sold anywhere in Jakarta so I have to patiently twiddle my thumb until somebody is generous enough to do a purchase order.

That moment has finally arrived!  You can follow the link here to purchase order at Lena's Shop, although let me convince you that ordering does not cause massive headache as choosing the shades you want.  I spent hours looking at various websites like Temptalia, Leesha, Queenofblending, OCC Makeup, Specktra and google to get some ideas of what certain colors look like because 1) I obviously can't buy them all 2) I can only buy two.  It's just ridiculous that I think a dress/shoes or a bag which cost more than Rp 200.00 as expensive but I have no qualms dropping major bucks for a lipstick.

After several hours of staring at the computer screen, these are some of the shades that made the line up:
Strutter, Harlot, Grandma

Strumppet, NSFW, Stalker

See what I meant?  Different lip tars came out different on different ladies.  I actually was pretty interested in buying the nude colors; Trick and Petty Beige, but I have several nude shades at home I hardly touch so I decided to stay clear of those colors.

In the end, I decided  to get Harlot and Anime (bright pink fuchsia) and just hope that I don't change my mind overnight.

(pic courtesy of Leesha (xsparge), Christine (temptalia), Aru89 (Specktra member)