Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diamond (knock off) is (also) a girl's best friend

I was strutting along the City Walk in Dharmawangsa Square, checking out each displayed stuff, running my fingers along the fabrics showcased there. Although there are several items I would love to get my hands on; hello Nicotimo thongs, but this ring kept calling me back.

And I kept going back to Jewels of Eden, even after thinking that some sushi combo for lunch will curb my desire. You know what they say, full tummy, happy feeling.

No such luck.

I even tried to buy other items for Aca. Nope, he's not interested in Ninja Turtle raincoat and still insisted to get one with pants.

Oh boy.

My hand looked like it belonged to a rich lady 75-year old madam with killer diamond bling bling. Must exfoliate and slather hand lotion like mad ASAP. But back to the ring above, I happily pocket the wooden box (so lovely) and just waved my right hand around whenever I got a chance.

Luckily, I'm not too much of an evil mommy. Otherwise I might also stop by at MAC counter in Grand Indonesia to do some serious make up shopping.

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