Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Haul

As hard as I try (well, I've never actually left my wallet at home when I go to the mall, so, in retrospect I never really try hard), there's always this unexplainable pull between stores and my wallet. At least I've tamed down a bit. Instead of visiting different kind of stores, I'll just browse at Zara and MAC these past months. In my defense, though, I hardly ever bought Zara stuff at full price if I can help it.

Needless to say I came home from last night with 4 Zara stuff :
  1. Formal pants (the incredible things about Zara pants are they lift up your butt. For someone with sagging set, this is quadruple plus. On the negative side, different models have different numbers so I have to retries 40 to 42 a lot and sometimes those numbers still don't fit me well. The next one will be their pants are designed for a tallzilla. I basically have to chop off the hem about 20-25cm.
  2. 2 cute basic shirts for Kasih
  3. 1 black jeans for Kasih too.
Just looove Zara.

side note : Unless you have at least 2 hours to spend, don't enter Zara with nothing specific in mind. There are so many outfits to try out and they're basically scattered everywhere.

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