Friday, February 8, 2008

The Flood

I'm such a lazy poster. There were so much happening since last week, and I posted, what? zip. But, it's better than late; at least I've got tonnage of stuff to download to.

First thing first.

Picture this, Friday, February 1, 2008. Eight-thirty am. I was waiting for the driver , the kids had been shipped happily to school with various colors of raincoats and umbrella (note to self : Aca wanted a raincoat with pants). Another hour went by. The rain was still pouring, driver had called several times telling me that he got stuck in a traffic nearby. 09:30 am, he finally arrived, then I stopped by at my mom's, the water had risen quite high (almost reaching the top of the Panther tyres). Half an hour later, the water had seeped out from my mom's bathrooms, up to my ankles. Whhoooaaaa!!!!

After we tried to block the water from the street to get into the house, off I went to start facing the Jakarta traffic. Traffic? What traffic? It's only the rain. Of course there's not that much traffic. Uh-huh. We drove almost to every little streets to get out of Cempaka Putih. No luck! Flood evvverrrfrigginwhere. So, I went back home because there was no was that I could manage to get out of the area.

Around noon, mom called saying that water had got into the house and she needed help to move furniture to another level of the house. Yikes!!! Poor mom. I just could picture the panic. There was no power as well there. Thank God above that I didn't have that problem.

Apparently, almost all over Jakarta the flood was as high as 1 m. My house was also surrounded by water and I was lucky none got inside the house.

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