Friday, February 8, 2008


After class today, with Uda, we headed to Giant in Kalibata Mall to do some shopping. This was the only time to do all the shopping for Kasih's party.

So, in the end, one party bag would consist of :
1. Star stickers
2. 2 vita charms
3. 1 milk
4. 2 pcs of beng-beng
5. 4 pcs of little jelly
6. 1 pack of cheese biscuits

In the evening, the whole gang went on a birthday hunting trip. We had to cancel Kelapa Gading since that area was still flooded. Kasih didn't like any of the cakes in Gran Melia Hotel and she looked devastated. I was so desperate for cake! Thankfully Regina's bakery in Menteng was still open and yes they could do the cake and yes they took credit! Half of my load was off.

After the kids went to bed, I spent the evening filling in the party bags and Uda got all the balloons ready. We're gonna have a big party tomorrow!!!

And God, please no rain just on Sunday. Hold it off at least until the party was over. Please, please.

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