Thursday, February 14, 2008

He could Speak!

I always try to speak in English with my sons; after all, they're studying in a bilingual private school that rip off a huge hole in my wallet every month. It's pretty hard to be consistent about it because there are lots of things that are more natural to say in Indonesian than in English.

me : Siapa lagi yang berantem? Siapa? Hah?
son1: Dia tuh, ambil mainan nggak bilang-bilang *wiping tears off*
son2: Dia duluan.

And those kind of loving dialogs happen a lot at home.

However, one thing that quite surprised me and I just realized about it last night was how eager Aca in speaking English. He never complained when I told him to use English when talking to me and he always tried his best. Of course he still makes plenty of mistakes but last night was one of a proud moment for me when, after trying to explain to me of the new Zuma-like game he played at the school computer he said:

Bunda, may I use Indonesian for this?

When I said yes, he switched to Indonesian.

In the dark, I felt like leaping.

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