Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Body Lotion for the Lazy

I know body lotion is important when one gets older when the skin goes through all sorts of strange evolution. When I was younger, I could just do away with a small dollop of lotion every couple of weeks or so but these days? A couple of days missing body lotion means my skin feels like the sole of my feet. And I missed a lot more that a couple of days. Whenever I saw commercials on TV showing girls or women slathering their body with body lotion with such ease like they have ALL the time in the world to run their hands to every nooks and cranes of their body, it was like a mockery to my laziness to just spend 2 minutes before bed to reach for my lotion and apply several dollops to my hands and feet. I could do that quite religiously for maybe a week but afterward I get lazy. 2 minutes of extra time is worth spent reading a favorite chapter of a book or chatting to my kids before bed time.

So when I walked down the isle of Carrefour yesterday, my eyes caught sight of Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion. Oh La La. C'est magnifique! It promised to improve hydration of dry skin with a fraction of time ordinarily needed for smoother skin. One just needs to step into a shower/a bath, use soap as usual, rinse off, then apply the lotion all over while body is still wet, then rinse off again before drying off. This product is like a prayer answered!

As soon as I got home, I immediately jumped under the shower, cleansed with whatever soap I could get my hands on then start smoothing the lotion onto my wet skin. I thought I had to wait for a minute or so like I usually do with hair conditioner, but upon rereading the instruction, I didn't have to. So I rinse the lotion off. And my o my, my skin did feel soft and smooth. Best thing of all, my skin still felt soft to the touch in the morning. SUPER!

For only Rp 24.000s a bottle, this lotion is something that I will definitely keep repurchasing.


karen, said...

Oh! I am lazy! This is perfect for me :)

Piece of Cake said...

Yup! My 2nd day trying this out and still not complaining.

Amelia Day said...

Not the skin...
It's the heat! The heat!
*joged gaya Fergie*

Piece of Cake said...

don't blame the weather for being lazy, least not all the time. :P