Wednesday, April 2, 2008

YSL Rouge Pur Shine Sheen Lipstick

I used to have absolute love for YSL lipstick back when my mom liked to buy YSL lipsticks and I got the hand-me-downs. I still have Rouge Pur Lipsticks #66 & 68 sitting inside my drawer at work for a little touch-up every now and then. However, I'm no longer drawn to YSL as the fragrance infused in the lipsticks kind of putting me off and besides it's just TOO expensive. However, I still think YSL lipsticks have the best packaging compared to other top brands.

My baby brother (ok, ok, he's my HUGE baby brother) just got back from Dubai and he got me this in #16. Isn't he fabulous?

Verdict: This nude pink shimmer lipstick will be very pretty on lighter lips. On me, the color doesn't show much save for the transparent shimmer. I might try this again on my lazy day when I want to do stronger eyes.

The packaging is just soooo pretty, right?

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Amelia Day said...

Ah, jurrasic days... I remember when I had that luxurious pack. Loved it, lost it. Currently not into lipstick. But has Yogi forgotten he got another little 'sister' who loves YSL (yes, he's too huge little brother).