Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Haul

I'm probably not the only one who can't wait for weekend or mini holiday AND at the same time is terrified of them. Why? Uncontrollable spending urge, lapar mata and the inability to say a firm "NO" to little kids whining to have more snacks or (this is the big one) one more toy for their collection.

I have this weakness for make up and it takes a LOT of self control not to drive to the nearest mall and just buy whatever is new in the counter. I wish I had this urge back when I was younger because a) there were tons of places to show up my make-upey face rather than just office and home like now. My kids now know that just because I put plenty of stuff on my face, that doesn't mean I'm going out. I probably would just watch DVD or clean the pool; b) I would have more time to build a good collection rather than just pointed at everything in sight and then got floored when I paid the purchase.

Last weekend was such a case.

Haul not including the girl

I got Maybelline Eye & Lips Make Up Remover, MAC fluidline backtrack, MAC Marisheeno lipstick, MAC Nanogold eyeshadow, The Faceshop basecoat for nails and a pinkish nude nail polish, Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution shampoo and conditioner, and Detangler comb.

Enough to make me smile and make my credit-card inner voice went Oh oh.

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