Friday, April 4, 2008

Fafi Madness

Finally, the collection hits Jakarta today. I plotted some excuses not to come to office in the morning so I could grab Fafi products (and I'm almost 40. Such juvenalia).

Anyways, I got 2 paint pots; Cash Flow and Layin' Low and Fashin Frenzy blush. With this purchase, may my inner shop god in me shimmer down.

First Haul

Uh-oh, spoke too soon.

Later in the evening, the same day, I went to Grand Indonesia which has the 3rd MAC outlet with Devita, my sis-in-law. The place was still decorated with all Fafi as there was Fafi launch earlier there. The MAs were all dressed like the Fafi dolls, short skirt, black and white long socks and totally funky bright color make-up and wigs. I wish I took pictures of the girls there but I've used up my phone memory to take picture of my favorite Fafinette.

Kasih on Fafi stage

She loves Ermine the most

I went to the same mall again the next day (long story short, Aca wanted a burger from Burger King and a Pokemon figurine, and I wanted to see more Fafi *blushes*). After visiting MAC counter for some lipstick swatches, I decided to get Utterly Frivolous. It's truly a gorgeous light pink with a hint of peach which in my opinion looks so much better than Strawbaby that everyone's been raving about. Oh, and I got Blue Peep fluidline as well. Oh, and I wanna punched Ivan, the only male make-up artist there. He's got rude queen written across his forehead. Good thing he could wing my eyes beautifully, otherwise I would definitely tell him off.

Now for a bit of a review on the pain pots released in Fafi. I love the paint pots and the colors are very pretty without being in your face. Well, except a generous application of Rollickin' which is a light greenish blue. For those who still mulls over whether to get a paint pot, get Layin' Low. For some reason this paint pot doesn't get as much hype as Perky (shimmery peach), Girl Friendly (shimmery pink) and Rollickin'. But since I can't get my hands on Soft Ochre paint pot from N Collection, this is I think the best soft matte beige brown cream that could be used on its own for a very neutral (aka blah) look or as a base for eye shadows. I'm just so glad I skipped Groundwork because it's much darker than Layin' Low.

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