Monday, June 16, 2008

FOTD - Viz-a-Violet

I had fun doing makeup using pinked mauve pigment and blue peep last night that I feel like I could glide into the new week still sporting, not pink, but purple look. Besides, I'm quite confident these days that despite skipping liquid foundation on my face I still could achieve a flawless face. Although honestly, I just have to live with the fact that my face looks more mature these days.

To achieve this look I swiped macroviolet fluidline across my lids to be topped off later by viz-a-violet. I decided not to use too much colors on my eyes so I basically just apply sunpepper pigment at the inner corners and grape pigment on creases; sculpting my eyes a bit with a dot of black matte shadow.

Unfortunately, I don't have a purplish blush to complete the look. Come to think of it, True Romantic will look great for this but I just didn't have the heart yet to break the blush.

So here it goes :

All together now...awwwww!


karen, said...

Good job, girl! I really like these colors on you.

Beda said...

Hi Pia, it's Beda from Temptalia Forum. I was checking your blog, I really like it.

This look is so pretty, purples are great on you!