Friday, July 4, 2008

Bali Trip

I wasn't proud to say that the last time I visited Bali was back in 1992. So I was really excited to find out that LIA conference would be held in Bali.

I went to Bali last June 24-27, flying with Garuda at 11:40 am with my parents, my sister and 2 staffs from the office, Dewi Eka and Ganda. I always loved taking trips and this trip really psyched me up.

At the airport
There was this crunchy cake stall that both Icha and I totally died for. Unfortunately it's only available in the departure gate at the airport.

Then I purchased this book for the trip which was quite inspiring but still so-so in my lit radar.

After a delay of about 2 hours, we finally left Jakarta and arrived at Sanur Beach Hotel at around 16:30 pm local time.

See, traffic, even in the Island of the Gods.

At the hotel

Dewi and I

The Convention Center

The Cultural Night

This is a dance from the epic story "Rama and Sinta", a very famous epic Hindustan story, originated from India legend. It was performed on Bima open air stage at the hotel. I always loved this story, as it depicted how strong love between two people could be and that evil in the end would be defeated; a story line which all Hollywood fans would appreciate.

With my favorite character from Ramayana Epic Dance.

This is the bad guy in the story, but he wore the best regal outfit and had always been amazingly made up. I watched the dance several times in different locations in the span of 30 years and I was always awed by his presence.

Well, this is part 1 of my Bali trip. I'll try to post more stuff from the convention (not too exciting, so perhaps no) and some places I visited there before I forgot the places I went to.

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