Monday, July 14, 2008

MAC New Mineralize Goodies

I haven't been excited about MAC launches since... oh okay, I've always been excited about MAC products but these recent launches are the ones I keep staring at and comparing to and researching.

Anyway, there are tons of pictures and reviews available and here is the list of the goodies I'm getting if I have tons of money at the moment and don't have to pay my kids' tuition:

This is the whole collection of Electroflash (all images courtesy of Makeup Geek)

My Wishlist:

Fresh Green Mix :
Polar Opposite :
Hot contrast (image courtesy of Tara Tempelhof)
Sonic Vibe Lipglass

Merrily Blush :
Sonic View MSF medium dark :
Edit :
In a true fashion of shopaholic with no will power, these are the products that I got instead; Sonic View MSF in medium (hardly worn), Nuance blush and Love Connection mineral eye shadow. Out of those 3 purchase, the one that I like (not love) are the blushes. Nuance is unfortunately a LOT like Orgasm, and Love Connection is a bit meh, despite being very wearable for everyday use.

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