Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NOTW - The Face Shop #21

I don't like TFS. Its product is for all girly girly population; you know, those who look good in sheer lip gloss, have transparent complexion (not vampires, I could assure you that), and who are, I suspect, would consider themselves goth girls if they wear transparent glitters on their nails.

I don't know what possessed me to buy the nail polish. Oh maybe the fact I was wondering alone after eating 4 half-cooked eggs from Kun Kaya Toast. But still, I brought it home.

Fast forward two weeks later, I decided to try it on. First layer, I could still see my nails. It's that transparent. The color was not even me. It's palest purple. I almost tossed it up if it's not for I-never-throw-away-makeup-product principle. So I added another layer, then another layer...then another layer. To my amazement...it turns out real pretty. The color is similar to that of the bougenville flower.


pic. from www.menlh.go.id

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