Friday, July 16, 2010

The Secret to Thick Long Lashes, Unveiled At Last!

As a (sometimes) proud owner of barely there lashes, I have been a continuous search for a holy grail mascara, one that would seriously lengthen, thicken and if it's not too much to ask waterproof and easily removed, too.

Imagine my delight when I saw L'oreal Double Extensions at my mom's dressing table. Now, rummaging through my mom's dressing table is always fun for me, even at this age. Because as a skin care fanatic and ex-beautician, my mom knows a lot of good beauty products. It's a new product, at least for me because mascara is not something I wear on a daily basis, and in addition, I didn't have to purchase it before. I'm trying to live a slightly frugal life here.

At first glance these mascara tubes were pretty bulky, but bear in mind that it's a 2-step mascara. First to be applied was white tube which contained white feathery liquid. I was slightly appalled when I saw the white mascara on my lashes but when I top them off with the mascara from the red tube, that's when magic happen. My lashes thickened and lengthened like you wouldn't believe. It looked like I was wearing lash extensions, without the heavy feeling one would experience when wearing extensions. To top it all off, the mascara was waterproof and easily removed.

More on the good stuff can be read in the link. Double Extension Beauty Tubes

I definitely need to post pictures to show you how amazing this mascara is. See pictures of the small miracle!
Naked eye

After a coating of the white liquid (1st step)


Needless to say, that day I ran the the nearest store to get my own L'oreal Double Extension.

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