Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October is for BCA and Mom's Beauty Advice

When it comes to beauty, I look up to my mom. She IS beautiful. As simple as that. She has a really glowing from within skin and at 62, she could still pass for someone in early 50's. She's originally beautiful but she does maintain a discipline skincare routine as long as I could remember. Back when I was in my junior high school, she would so worried about me having pimples that she dragged me to a salon for some extraction works. I was probably the only person up to my senior high school years that was a regular at a salon for some skincare maintenance.

I don't share her glowing fair skin, unfortunately, but I do share her oily and excessive forehead sweat glands, if you could call it that. When we are on the go, no matter how cool the temperature is, we would end up patting our forehead to wipe the 'sweatfall'. That and an oily skin are definitely a makeup nightmare. However, despite my despise for my type of skin, she always reminded me that women with oily skin will look youthful even when they are older. However, it is very important not to forget washing makeup no matter how late it is.

Since she used to run a beauty salon, mom is always the best person to go to for beauty and hair advices. Although, just like any normal (?) teenagers, I would ignore her tips and just went about doing things my own; hence resulting a regular trip to the salon. Her other advice would be to religiously wear a sunscreen/sunblock when I'm out. She played golf when I was little and she hardly ever worn a sunscreen/sunblock. Why, Mom? As a results, for years she tried out different treatments. Her latest regimen that seems working so far is Obaji. Because of her experience, she definitely never tires to remind me to put on sun protection when I'm out.

The above picture is of my mother, her older and younger sister. Don't you think we look similar? Although perhaps you didn't see it for being blinded by the light reflecting off our face.

I still couldn't fathom how quickly the year goes. It's October already and God above is perhaps stepping on the accelerator because days do fly so fast.

Since October is also a Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let's take a moment to get updated on the information regarding breast cancer and how to prevent it. My aunt Lena was diagnosed with breast cancer early this year, and she put off getting the lump taken out believing that she could survive it through alternative medicine. Fast forward 5 months later, her breast had swollen so much and she was under so much pain that she agreed to have her breast removed. She had a mastectomy a month ago and went through several bouts of chemotherapy. Although she is out of the hospital now, the family is still crossing finger that the cancer doesn't creep back.

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