Friday, October 22, 2010

Simple Makeup for Quiet Friday

I was mopping the floor and wondering how many chores to do this morning when my mom called and told me that we're leaving in 30 minutes.

Oh. No!

Wishing I could sweep the floor with a wink of an eye, I quickly finished the laundry, cleaning up kitchen mess, took bout 15 minutes before I ran up the flight of stairs to get ready.

If I'm not pressed for time, I'd take about 20 minutes to be ready. But today calls for a quick touch up. I'll need less than 10 to finish.

So my amo of the day was:
* Lancome Renergie Morpholift Repositioning Cream SPF 15
* Make Up Forever Face & Body #34 « love this!
* derma's loose powder #4
* MAC Vivacious lipstick
* MAC Dazzleglass Love Alert
* MAC mineralized blush Pet Me

And hey! I was out of the door when the car honked. Make up mission accomplished.
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