Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hold Your Horses - Dupe List

If you're planning to purchase Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick #45 or Moulin Rouge, then take a moment to read this post as I had an amazing revelation.  Now, quick! See my picture above, and choose which one is Moulin Rouge or MUFE #45.  Clueless?  One of the top 3 is Moulin Rouge, while the other is NYX round lipstick Chaos and MUFE #45. 

Give up?

Based on swatch above, I came to believe that NYX Chaos, MUFE #45 and MUFE Moulin Rouge are triplets albeit separated at birth.  MUFE #45 and Moulin Rouge were adopted by the rich uncles, while NYX Chaos was raised by a less fortunate relative.  The MUFE artist that I talked to last night even insisted that I wore Moulin Rouge (I had Chaos on) when I stopped by at the counter to do some swatching. Undoubtedly #45 is pinker but all three have similar undertone and lasted as long (at least on my hand).  Chaos glides better on the lips (more moisturizer, perhaps?) while the MUFE ones drag a bit on the lips. 

There you have it.  3 almost identical lipsticks, one is Rp 60.000 while the others are Rp. 235.000.  You're welcome.

Swatches from top-bottom: MUFE Moulin Rouge, NYX Chaos (l), MUFE #45 (r), MUFE #44

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