Friday, January 7, 2011

Hapy New Year, Universe!!

 The Hassanuddins

There are tons of exciting things I'm expecting to happen this year. So, Universe, hear me out: 
  1. My eldest, Hanif, will get an awesome score on his UASBN (I can't even believe this year he's finishing elementary school); preferably 26 something because he's so smart!
  2. He'll be accepted at a good school (SMP Lab School, SMP 216, SMP 99, SMP 77)
  3. We have enough savings for another big holiday, good education and a new room for Hanif
  4. All my kids are healthy, happy and are always learning new stuff
  5. I stop my endless shopping
  6. We can do some kind of smallish renovation on the guest bathroom and the kitchen
  7. I'm feeling happy and feeling grateful for all the little (and big) things coming my way
  8. I stop procrastinating.
  9. My husband is getting healthy (blood sugar back to normal) and he loves me more no matter how bitchy I am.
Those are all the things that I want to happen, so help me God!

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