Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caring Colour Marthaa Tilaar Lipstick

Mahogany Red

Despite my leaning to mid-priced branded makeup, I love to venture down the makeup alley in the drugstores and super/hypermarkets. I believe makeup shouldn't be about price, but most of all it should be about quality and the ability to make women feel beautiful. I'm a fan of Maybelline because I know some of its products work for me. Its Eye Makeup Remover, although not top of the line, it still suffices to meet my need. Maybelline also has some pretty nail colors that make my mom asked about them. And you know, in terms of makeup and looking beautiful, my mom IS the authority.

But, I digress. Yesterday, I trolled down the makeup alley in Carrefour and I found this pretty color by Caring Colour Martha Tilaar. I made swatches of the lipstick and finally decided to get Mahogany Red, an orange reddish color which I always have difficulty saying no to, but I like this one because it comes with a conditioner in the middle.

I was a bit taken aback when I saw the white conditioner circle. It's very vintage looking! I could hardly remember any lipsticks with that kind of formula. Beside Clarins, I mean. And even back in the early 90s when it was still the rage, I wasn't convinced to purchase more than 1. However, at the moment, my lips are screaming "Conditioner, NOW!" and every possibility where I could eliminate/reduce my irritated lips are a must-try.

It's a pretty color, see. My lips also looked moisturized and soft. I'll definitely try this lipstick for a whole day some time soon.

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