Monday, March 3, 2008

Lemons and Babies

I haven't blogged for several days which a bit unsettling for me because I've challenged myself to do this regularly. Why upset, you say? Compare to stop eating junk food or exercising regularly, blogging is totally a piece of cake. I shoulda been able to do it in my sleep. Shouldn't there a lot of things one could actually write about?

To my defense, my internet provider, Hell-o Speedy, was a total crappola in the past few days. I tried to keep things I wanted to write about in my mind, but we all know that I've lost a couple of memory cells already. Whenever I got an idea, I thought to myself, "AHA!, I'll write about that!", and completely forgot about the idea the next day.

Anyways, I watched this video on Weighty Matters blog, ran by the honorable physician, Yoni Freedhoff. Since then, I've been kicking myself for not videotaping my kids when they had some lemons.

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