Thursday, April 10, 2008

FOTD - Neutral Look

Ok, I opened this blog and was totally bummed since the post I sent via cellphone didn't get sent. *grrrr*

Anyway, I wanted to keep track of my teaching look at the Uni so I didn't repeat the same look twice in a row. I only taught once a week for 3.5 hours, but teenagers these days were as unpredictable as the ones I knew back then. Who knew if they would be talking bout my makeup and outfit when they're supposedly writing their assignments. On second thought, if they wrote those stuff in English and passed the notes back and forth, I don't mind. Any kind of exposure and practice is welcome.

So my face yesterday was :
  • Cash flow pp all over from lash to browbone
  • Dark brown shadow for crease
  • Woodwinked mid lid
And my current Holy smoke! face :
  • Body Shop foundation around nose and chin to cover my red spots
  • Studio Fix Foundation powder NC40
  • MSF Medium
  • MAC Bronze
  • Body Shop blush
And Utterly Frivolous from Fafi

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