Monday, August 25, 2008

FOTD - August 25, 2008

This is me today, showing off my new paint pot (Pharaoh....LOVE!) and nail polish (Zoya Yummy) possession.

I had a laidback weekend (supposedly). My Saturday started when Hanif knocked on the door when I was at the loo almost crying telling me that his right eye was swolen. He had the slight red bump under his eye for a couple of days. So off we went to the doctor as he was such a big believer in the medical world. God bless him. The doc prescribed Garamicyn salve for his eye and Y-rins and some kind of antibiotic.

After that off I went to my kids' school to pick up their school books (this always happened, they kept forgetting and made me real mad!), then took Aca to the Cheese Cake Factory, ordered Oreo and Blueberry cheese cakes and cold cappucino. Heaven! Then both of us went off to pick up my parents at the airport and if luck had anything to do with the flight arrived on time, I'd say Saturday was my lucky day.

Sunday ended in an extremely pissy mood. I was at the mall at 6:30 pm when mom started calling telling me to accompany my dad. I hated interruptions when I was doing stuff so I was in bad mood from then on even though my dad wasn't completely alone at the house when I arrived. I had to ask for a big hug from Bibi so I could cool off a tad.

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