Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FOTD - August

I haven't posted plenty of FOTDs in the past couple of month. Writing and reading constantly on Fashionese Daily were a total time stealer. I haven't been this major procrastinator ever since I discovered FD. What can I say, after years thinking that I would be the only who in Jakarta/Indonesia to care about face products and makeup, suddenly I met plenty of like-minded lovelies. So I'm hooked and broke. What else would happen if you hang out with girls who consistently told you that this and that product looks fantastic.

So here's what happen today.

Basically, I just layered nice vice paint pot over soft ochre pant pot on my lid, then swipe sunpepper pigment across the lid and add grape pigment on the v area and crease for a bit of countour. To make the color a bit lighter, because after all, it's work day, I put golden lid on the middle of my lid, line my upper line with blacktrack fluidline and grape pigment on lower line.

For my face, I've been using Pond's Day Cream instead of my usual sunscreen. I figured since I'm not out in the sun for more than 5 minutes, I might be able to get away with less SPF protection. Layered all different kind of blush over light flush MSF Natural created a fresh glowing complexion. Don't you agree?

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