Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everyday Minerals

I'm a dummy when it comes to MMU (mineral make up). So far I tried BareEscentuals foundation in medium beige and it worked just fine. I was hoping that it didn't make my face oily, but either because I had fantastic oil production and the little guys inside my pores were busy filling up a quota or BE simply didn't have that much oil control.

So last month, I started to browse around some MMU sites, especially those that girls in FD have been raving about. Finally I narrowed my searching to just 2 products, Everyday Minerals and Fyrinnae. I ordered some samples last Aug, 25 and last night the goodies arrived! 2 weeks waiting time only! Hurrahhh!!!

This morning I just had to try the samples I got, all of them. I ordered 3 semi mate foundation : warm-buttered tan, golden-medium tan and olive-golden medium, mint color concealer and waffle cone blush.

The review

I put on my regular POND's face cream, then started to buff my way around the samples. Now those jars were tiny it was so hard to get any product on my face brush, so I had to take off the shifters and used the brush to get the products. After moisturizer, I dotted the Mint concealer around my nose and on other red areas on my face. Medium tan was one shade too dark for me while golden tan is 2 shades lighter. So my shade for EM is warm buttered tan. Waffle cone was a warm rosy shade on me, so it's quite perfect for shading my cheek and my nose (will try that tomorrow)

I started my makeup routine at 8:15 am this morning and at 2 pm, the only thing that shine is my nose. That IS awesome. After washing my face twice (not because I was sleepy), I still look like I have some trace of makeup on my face. Another plus for EM.

Will I consider buying full size of foundation, then. Oh yeah, baby!


I've been wearing EM on and off since I last reviewed the product. Apparently, what happened the first time I wore the foundation was a one off because afterward, whenever I wear EM, my face will look dewy (good) and oil shiny (not good). Now I'm not sure what happened but there's no change in my skin condition after that first day and I haven't change my make up routine either. Because of this, then I might have to rethink my earlier decision to buy a full size foundation.

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