Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spending spree with Eid money - Oct. 4

No Break is what 7-11 to us Cempaka Putih residences. I don't know if it has other branches outside of my area but the store has been a blessing for late-night snack supply and last-minute-oh-we-run out of milk/soap/bread. 

My kids have been going in and out of the store for the past few days spending their Eid money. It's just fun watching them ringing up their purchase at the cashier. 

Overheard on a recent visit between Kasih and the cashier : 

How much?
Rp. 3750
*sad confused face* But I don't have three thousand rupiahs
*mommy to the rescue* You have Rp 5000, you certainly can pay those.
*glad face*

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