Sunday, November 9, 2008

FOTD - November 10, 2008

Arggghhhh...why is my morning always hectic? My brain is probably brainwashed by images of moms reading papers and having hot steaming coffee on the dining table.

Instead, my morning started with me waking up the boys, Aca was as usual the last time to get up, then banged the window to get the breadman's attention, dived into the purse for bread money, then went downstairs to start banging the pots (eh eh...I always loved that phrase : banging the pots), cooking up fried noodle (with angel hair pasta, minced beef and soy sauce), laying out the uniforms for the kids, had a quick second to slurp my hot coffee, distributing the breads for snack at school, then compiling school papers for Hanif to study in the evening, rushing all the boys to brush their teeth, screaming at their father because he took 1 hour to get ready, oooohhh I just had headache typing this all up. I had some extra minutes to put my feet up before rushing Baby to the bathroom and getting her ready for school, then brushing her hair, making sure she had everything for school, then getting myself ready.

So here it is, I tried using my long-neglected pigments; pinked mauve and lily white on lids, and then contrast eye shadow for more definition. I then brushed Orgasm and PAC brown blush and tried applied Avarice lipglass, Oriflame lipgloss (blah), and Oh So Scarlet lipstick.

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