Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My little girl

Oh she loves makeup

I remember when I was a little girl, how I loved to play dress up and put on my best dress, then I pretended I was this big shot secretary or big boss. Although I didn't remember really what kind of outfit I was wearing, mind I only remembered busily scribbling notes as I barked orders to my subordinates.

When I had a baby girl, I prayed that she would love makeup and just be a little girly instead of a big tomboy like her mother. I terribly want her to always feel like she's the most gorgeous girl in the universe and not like me who grew up thinking that I wasn't pretty enough. Big pyschological babble coming up but I digressed.

I remember how charmed Kasih was when we (my mother and I) put some lipstick and eyebrow pencil on the first time. She looked so pretty and she didn't fuss at all. She was less than 1 year old then. She would look in the mirror and smile her beautiful smile at her reflection. Even when she's just a tod, she already understood the power of makeup.

I never stopped her from playing with my makeup and over time, she thought that my makeup stash was not the most exciting playground (oh a relief!). She already decided that she didn't like lipstick/gloss yet (good!), but still, when we took a bath, she would play around with my brushes and powders and touched up her face.

We were both playing around with makeup one evening and that was the first time I saw her totally engrossed in applying makeup. She dusted her face with my blush brush, then lined her lips using my lip blush looking all so serious and grown up. She even hummed this little tune and started primping in front of the mirror. The cutest sight, one I would never forget.

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