Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lancome Oscillation Mascara-The Mascara Queen

When Fashionesedaily (via Affi the beautiful) contacted me and told me that I was to test Lancome Osccillation Mascara, I almost screamed with excitement. I felt like ripping the box opened right in front of Affi, thankfully, my manners stopped me. Since last year I kept reading about it in beauty bloggers but I couldn't find it in our local counter. At first I was very sceptical about a vibrating mascara and wrote it off as another beauty hype. However, after reading more about it and finding out that I didn't have to zig-zag my way to thicker lashes, I concluded perhaps Oscillation mascara was a real deal.

Here's my review on the formula, application & result and my verdict.


The amazing thing about the formula is that when I pulled out the wand out of the tube, I didn't see any gunk on the wand. In fact, when I ran the wand across my finger, there's hardly any trace of the mascara. Oscillation mascara applied evenly across my lashes and with 2 coats I could hardly feel that I had mascara on. It's definitely lightweight and yet it stick to the lashes. In fact, on my 3rd try, I was pretty satisfied with how my lashed looked with just one coat of
the mascara. Oscillation mascara is not waterproof, but I had no problems with it. It didn't run on even after washing my face several times during the day.


The application was supposed to be easy. I just had to place the wand underneath my lashes nearest to the root and just swipe it upward toward the tip while pressing down the button. However, having not seen anyone worn an oscillation mascara before made me anxious and thought that the oscillation would make the wand vibrate like a cell phone does and I would end up coating my eyeballs. No such thing's happening. In fact, the mascara's oscillation is hardly noticed/felt. It was that subtle. However, it took getting used to because on Day 1 I used it like I used my regular mascara; swiped the wand several times to coat my lashes. As a result, my lashes looked too thick to my liking and I could see some clumping although it was only visible
up close.

From the pictures it's obvious that Oscillation mascara offered excellent coverage. At first, I wondered whether I needed to curl my lashes beforehand. So I made an experiment to curl my right lashes and leave my left lashes alone. Based on the pictures on Day 1, there's no noticeable differences.

On Day 2, I finally had the hang of the Oscillation mascara application. I just slowly coat lashes from the root to the tip. This is very important for perfect application, in my opinion. Just
pull the comb through the lashes and run the wand slowly again on some clumping. One coat is enough to thicken and lengthen my non-existent lashes and I was very very happy with the result. However, coating the lower lashes was a bit tricky and perhaps it was due to the long
wand. However, I still managed to thicken my lower lashes and see the difference.

I had the mascara on from 8ish in the morning to 7ish in the evening and on both days I didn't experience any smudging or flaking. Removing the mascara is also a breeze, I just use my usual L'oreal Make Up Remover and the lashes were gone completely without any tugs
on my eyes. This would be hard to achieve with my MAC Plushlash and Cover Girl Lash Blast.

My Verdict

This mascara definitely lives up to its hype. It doesn't disappoint at the slightest degree. The formula is amazing and the coverage is fantastic. Despite not having any experience with oscillating mascara before, I'm happy to report that Oscillation mascara gives me perfect long and thick lashes. One coat is enough for day wear and two coats are plenty for thicker lashes. The vibration is not something to be anxious about, and this is from someone who wears mascara everyday but manage to poke one eye every now and then with the mascara comb. I did not have to curl my lashes, something which is quite bothersome when I have to be in a hurry (which is waaay too often). It's long wearing with no streaking and super easy to remove. If I see the product in the local Lancome counter, I definitely purchase this.

Great job, Lancome!

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