Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lifting Product for Mature Skin - RoC® Comlete Lift Serum

Looking into the mirror and see a wrinkle or a sag is not one of the "Eureka" moment. I'm not sure about men, but I don't know a woman yet who upon spotting a wrinkle would invite some friends for a wrinkle bash. Some well-known celebrity here swore by puffing her cheeks and then letting the air out slowly for her firm skin. My guess is some knife works gotta be involved.

But for the less fortunate (me), there are plenty of products out there which claim increased firmness and elasticity while at the same time lifting the skin. Too good to be true?

In May, Fashionese Daily asked me to test RoC® Complete Lift Serum. According to its description in the website "the smooth, silky fluid glides on easily and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. Patent-pending PROTIENT® lifting & firming technology – a high-performance tightening agent – works to help firm and tone skin for a visibly lifted and more defined look."

Mind you, I don't know how long I'm supposed to apply the product to get the desired result. I tried it for approximately 2 weeks, and so far I haven't seen the result yet. Then again, expecting a skincare product to do a difference in 2 weeks is unrealistic. Still, some customers would definitely want to see a difference in a couple of days.

The good thing is this creamy serum sinks fast into the skin and it makes my skin looking fresh. In my book, any product that could help moisturize my face scores a point, and RoC® Complete Lift Serum did that.

The label on the box of RoC® Complete Lift Serum warned users of possible tingly sensation. Unfortunately, unless I used a toner with alcohol content (Clinique), I hardly felt any sensation. However, when I left the product on for more than 10 minutes, I could feel a slight lifting sensation that felt incredible! So, one does need some time to feel the benefit of this serum.

Would I recommend this serum, though? I'm not sure how much the retail price for RoC® Complete Lifting Serum is, but if you can find a cheaper solution to a facial serum, by all means, go try that one first.

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