Friday, January 21, 2011

MAC Rebel & Kisch for a Muggy Day

The weather had been totally unpredictable in the past few days.  Dark and drizzly in the morning, and suddenly a full blast hotness from noon.  It's hard enough to choose my outfit on normal days, now this.  However, today was sooo gloomy on the get-go weatherwise, and might possibly well into the afternoon, so I picked out a grey and black outfit, busted out my dusty boots and crumpled tights for work.  And face...smokey with dark burgundy and purple lipstick. 

Left home with MAC Mattene Kirsch

And possibly would leave the office with MAC Rebel.

I want this weather to last!

On eyes I used MAC Warm holiday palette 2009 and MAC Bite of an Apple from Venomous Villains collection on my cheeks.

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