Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red and Nude

I finished reading Sophie Kinsella's latest "Mini Shopaholic" and was inspired by Becky's resolve to wear her outfits at least twice before she bought another one; so much so, that I, Ms. Cake, will not buy any new lipsticks before at least wearing them in at least 2 FOTDs in 2011. Oops, I totally forgot that already purchased MAC Rebel, and Mehr from MAC Mickey Contractor.  So those 2 would be included in my 2011 lipstick resolution.

So help me God...

I actually have started taking my nude lipsticks for a little spin on my lips.  Today, I wore Revlon Matte lipstick #003 Mauve it Over, a really great to-go lipstick when you didn't want to bother with your look.  I lined my whole lips first with the Body Shop lip liner #02, a muddy coral, as a base, then swiped Mauve it Over, then topped the lipstick with MAC Fleshpot lipglass.  And the result was FABOOOSHHHH! I chucked Fleshpot as one of the lipglass I thought would never work on me (too pale!) but I would never let go (Heatherette collection!). I owned it for 2 years already and I probably wore it twice tops!

So, here it goes! I did similar face 2 days in a row:  Maybelline BB cream and MUFE F&B #4, local powder, MAC Moon Reflection mineralized e/s; Oriflame Copper shadow stick (disc.), Milani Java Bean, MUFE e/s, Feline black kohl, Raani kajaal, MAC Bite of an Apple blush (Venomous Villain collection) and MAC MSF Light Flush.

Hah!  Excuse the grainny pictures.  I haven't been able to pick up my camera and too lazy to use search for my old one so I resorted to my BB; which according to the latest hoohaw would be useless in a couple of months.

I'm still in two minds about my under eyes, though.  Should I do something about them?  Use a concealer perhaps?

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nindy said...

i notice that maybelline bb cream are way cheaper than other bb cream ( i use skin79 hotpink and missha,,both cost me a fortune T_T )
i really want 2 try maybelline bb cream but i tend to get break outs every time i use maybelline's product. does the bb cream make your skin oily and clog pores?