Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review - Oriflame Forever Eyes - Cappucino Beige Eyeshadow Cream

I have a love and hate relationship with Oriflame products, some of the lipsticks are worth having; not holy grail worth but not too bad, some feel cheap even though they are more expensive than the international drugstore brand. However, I'm constantly lured by the pictures in the catalog. When it comes to self-resistance, mine is like that of a 2-year old's.

I recently purchased impulsively its eye shadow cream. It's a discount at Rp 39.000 this month so I had no qualm whatsoever (I should've, though)to try it out. I thought it's going to be a good eye shadow base and help the shadow pops more AND I just wanted to have a gold-ish base.

I must say, the Cappucino Beige eye shadow cream does not disappoint. In fact, I could see myself reaching out for this eye shadow cream, both as a base and as an eye shadow. The best thing is of course its staying power because I would just hate a product that washes away whenever I have to wash my face for my shalat.

This last picture was AFTER I tried to wash it off.  Still as bright as it was in the first take, right?

Got a friend who's an Oriflame beauty agent?  Get this product this month before the price goes back to Rp 80.000 something.


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